We understand that billing and insurance can be very confusing.

We want to help.

Almost every insurance company covers sleep studies, however, there can be restrictions. We will contact your insurance company up front to check benefits, determine if we are in your insurance network and find out if a referral from your primary physician is necessary. If a referral is required, we can obtain that for you!

For an idea of whether you’ll be responsible for any out-of-pocket payment, please contact your insurance company by calling the number on the back of your insurance card.

Note: The Sleep Wellness Institute will obtain pre-authorizations on all sleep study orders if insurance requires it. If your insurance company would deny the authorization, we will contact you prior to your sleep study to discuss other options.


We will make every effort to answer your questions and assist you in understanding the process.

Call us at 414-327-8025 to get the conversation started.