Ask a CPAP Coach: Tea remedies for sleep

Remedies are often passed down from generation to generation and can target a variety of ailments ranging from the common cold to hiccups.  Remedies for insomnia and other sleep related issues are as easy to find on the internet as a cat video.  Finding something new to try can be fun. However, be sure to...
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Light at night…how does it affect your sleep?

Have you heard the warnings of using your phone and computer before you go to bed? Yes, it’s true we are losing precious sleep time because of the light emitted by our computers and phones. If you’re not ready to ditch the habit of texting before bed, you’ll be happy to know that there are...
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What should I do on the day of my sleep study?

Preparing for a diagnostic sleep study can be a daunting task. In many cases, the patient is new to the concept of an overnight study and unsure of what to expect during the procedure. Specifically, there is a lot of confusion regarding how a patient should prepare before their study. This lack of understanding can...
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Sleep During the Holiday Season – How to Survive

Following some general sleep rules of thumb will help you survive the holiday season without becoming exhausted and run down. Practicing good “sleep hygiene” is not only beneficial during the added stress of the holidays, but all year long. Stick to a sleep routine: Try to go to bed each night at the same time and...
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Five ways sleep is impeding your weight loss goals

Sleep may be playing a more significant role in your summer weight loss plan than you might expect. Aside from the obvious effects of low energy levels, sleep deprivation might also be influencing your behavior and body chemistry. Whether you are trying to shed a few pounds this summer or just looking to maintain your...
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