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Helping you navigate the way to a better life with a sleep solution
Sleep wellness institute staff and patient in lounge

With dozens of different sleep disorders that can affect nearly every part of your life and health, it’s very important to work hand in hand with a sleep specialist who can help you navigate to the best solution!

At The Sleep Wellness Institute, our team of Sleep Specialists are specially trained in identifying and treating all types of sleep disorders – not just sleep apnea.

At your initial consultation, we’ll do a thorough review of your health history and sleep concerns. At this time, we’ll discuss the best diagnostic and treatment options for you and answer any initial questions you may have. As part of this visit, we will evaluate what the best type of sleep study is for you based on your unique history and ensure you receive the best care possible.

While most patients with suspected sleep apnea do require a sleep study, some other disorders do not. If you have symptoms of a sleep disorder that does not require a sleep study, your sleep specialist will discuss any treatment options available for your condition and help you determine the best course of treatment.

If you require a sleep study, you will be scheduled for that visit before leaving your initial consultation – so be sure to bring your calendar along. You will be scheduled for your sleep study at either our West Allis or Mequon location and will be provided this information about Preparing for Your Sleep Study.

Following your sleep study, you will again meet with your Sleep Medicine Physician or Nurse Practitioner to review the results of your test and discuss available treatment options. From CPAP therapy which is the “Gold Standard” of care, to surgical and dental options, our specialists will help you navigate which option is best for your health!

Meet our team of sleep specialists. No referral is required for your visit, call us today to schedule an appointment.