The Sleep Wellness Institute

Sleep Center Pediatric Patient Information and Checklist


  1. If your child is taking antibiotics or has experienced a change in their current physical condition (i.e.: sinus infection, cold, unusual pain or injury) please contact our team for further instructions.
  2. Have your child eat supper before coming in for the study.
  3. The Sleep Center provides sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels.
  4. Your child should come to the center with clean dry hair. If you have any hair extensions, they may need to be removed.
  5. Do not use creams, lotions or oils on your child’s face or legs the day of the study.
  6. Please remove all nail polish.
  7. Please remember that The Sleep Wellness Institute is a smoke-free campus.
  8. We recommend that you contact your insurance company to verify benefits prior to completing your child’s sleep study.
  9. Please bring the following with you and your child to the Sleep Center:
    ____ Comfortable sleepwear; with a loose neckline. Please avoid silk or satin fabrics.

    ____ Favorite pillow and/or blanket, if you choose
    ____ Any bedtime ritual aids (books, music, stuffed animals, nook, diapers, bottle, etc.)
    ____ Toiletries
    ____ Clothes to go home in
    ____ Medications, prescription and over-the-counter (no medications will be given by Sleep Center staff)
  • Consume caffeine within 8 hours of the study (this includes soda, chocolate, tea, etc.)
  • Take a nap the day of the study
  • Have nail polish upon arriving

Please arrive on time at your scheduled time. When you arrive, please utilize intercom in the front corridor to notify the Sleep Technician of your arrival. She will escort you to your private room.

Once your child has fallen asleep, if there is a vacant sleep study room, you may choose to stay in there for the duration of the study. If you choose to remain in the room, you must be quiet.