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The Sleep Wellness Institute is an independent, accredited Wisconsin sleep treatment center.

No one does sleep the way we do, because sleep is all we do!

A better life through better sleep

Are you tired of being tired?

Interrupted breathing during sleep?
Waking up tired even after a full night of sleep?
Decreased libido?
Is snoring waking you or your partner up?
Daytime sleepiness or fatigue?
Inability to concentrate?

The Sleep Wellness team of sleep specialists provides expert, personalized care.

From our Board certified physicians to our certified sleep technicians, we are here to help you sleep and feel better. We work with your insurance to firm up coverage details.

It's not about wearing a CPAP mask

The sleep expert doctors listen to your sleep issues and identify the problem based on your actual sleep study data so you get treatment rather than just a diagnosis. Our goal is to help you with a sleep solution that may go beyond sleep apnea.

We are Wisconsin’s premier independent sleep disorders center fully accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

We provide more testing and treatment options, such as in-lab or in-home testing, and treat all sleep disorders, with a special expertise in diagnosis and treating obstructive sleep apnea.

We are Wisconsin’s premier independent sleep disorders center fully accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

We provide more testing and treatment options, such as in-lab or in-home testing, and treat all sleep disorders, with a special expertise in diagnosis and treating obstructive sleep apnea.

Comfort is key to the success of a sleep study

We know you’re tired and not feeling well because of lack of sleep. The last thing we want is to add anxiety or worry in regards to your sleep study. That’s why at The Sleep Wellness Institute you’ll find our facility is welcoming and not clinical. 

You can bring the comforts of home with your own pajamas, pillows, etc. and you have access to the thermostat, TV, and Internet. We can even prescribe a relaxer before the study that will not affect the test.

We keep it simple.

You give us one night’s sleep so we can gather the necessary data to give you a personalized sleep solution. When we really know how your body functions when you sleep, we’re able to figure out a treatment. Click to see what we monitor during the sleep study.

We’re here to help you get a better life through better sleep and improve your overall health.

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We want you to feel like you're at home

” I was surprised by how nice the room was. The staff made me feel very comfortable too.” —John

5 stars sleep wellness institute

We get 5 star ratings on patient care

Our sleep technician patient satisfaction scores are through the roof! Our staff is great at putting patients at ease while educating in the process.

Dr. Jay Balachandran sleep specialists
Dr. Jay Balachandran
Board Sleep Certified MD

Want to Sleep Better?

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Our Services

Initial Consultation

During your consultation, our providers will do a thorough review of your health history and sleep concerns. We’ll discuss the best diagnostic and treatment options for you and answer any questions you might have.

Sleep Studies

Using the latest diagnostic technology, our sleep technologists to help your provider determine the proper treatment for any potential sleep issues. We offer both an in-lab sleep study and home-sleep study, talk to your provider about which would be most suitable for you!

Sleep Treatments

We will work together to find you a sleep solution ranging from PAP therapy to alternative treatment options.


If you get diagnosed with sleep apnea, your treatment may consist of CPAP. CPAP is considered the gold standard for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Our staff will help you find the right fit as we offer a wide variety of masks and machines.

Pediatric Care

From poor sleep hygiene to dangerous sleep disorders, our Pediatric Sleep Program offers a comprehensive approach from infancy through adolescence.


Once you receive your sleep study results and you are set up with treatment, we will work to follow up with you and your provider to ensure successful treatment.

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Risk Assessment

Start here by taking a FREE sleep risk assessment now to find a better life through better sleep. This helpful tool is the first step in evaluating your sleep.

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Do you have sleep apnea? Our Authorized Dealer has readily-available CPAP experts on staff to get you fitted for a better night’s sleep.

Learn more about CPAP

About our Labs

Our private sleep study rooms are like a typical bedroom including amenities like TV and Internet. Our staff will help you feel at home.

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  • I had a sleep study at the TSWI Mequon location – even though I felt ready for the procedure with all of the pre-procedure paperwork, I was still a little nervous – Well, all of my nerves went away as soon as I was greeted by the evening sleep tech – She put me at ease immediately, and answered all of my questions. The facility was very comfortable. In the morning, the tech went over what to expect regarding the results, and what the next steps would be. I received my results within two weeks, and was able to work on a treatment plan with my practitioner. For me, this was a great experience!

  • My sales job requires me to drive all over the state. I used to get so tired around 2 or 3 in the afternoon that I’d have to pull over and take a nap. My work suffered, and I worried about falling asleep at the wheel.

    My wife told my doctor at the Sleep Wellness Institute that I also snored and stopped breathing during the night. He scheduled me right away for a sleep study. It turned out I had sleep apnea. Now I use a CPAP machine while I sleep, and it’s made all the difference. I don’t feel like I’m going to fall asleep while driving and I’m a lot more productive at my job.

    Bob K.
  • I had to force myself to stay active at my job just so I wouldn’t fall asleep. After work, I’d fall asleep in front of the TV. I never had energy, no matter how much I slept.

    After my sleep study at the Sleep Wellness Institute, my doctor recommended I use a CPAP machine at night. The treatment turned my life around. I’m in bed less but feel more rested, my blood pressure is lower, and the problems with my ulcerative colitis went away.

    Scott L.
  • I didn’t notice that I had sleeping problems until my freshman year of college. Now that I’ve gotten those issues figured out, I have more energy. It was weird at first but I got used to it. I found myself waking up with the mask off for the first couple weeks but once I got used to CPAP, it turned my life around! Now, I can get 6-8 hours of sleep and feel amazing!

    Casey K